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Monday, October 22, 2012

Paranormal Pick

Dark Mission-Book 4
Karina Cooper
October 2012
Simon Wells isn't your average everyday man, he is so much more. Simon is dangerous and everything that Parker Adams should avoid, especially when she starts to realize that he is a witch. Parker is the Director for the Mission and her job puts her in charge of those who hunt down and imprison witches, usually with a death sentence. Simon is an agent, and it appears he has ulterior motives and Parker just can't seem to figure out what he is up to. What makes things worse is his sexuality. She is drawn to the man and that is just to damn bad, because the last thing she needs is a sexy bad boy in her life. All hell is breaking lose in her world and agents are dying right and left and it looks like she just might be next in line. But, if said bad boy has anything to do with it, nobody will touch what he is quickly becoming to think of as his! Karina Cooper's Dark Mission Series puts a totally new spin on the world of witches in the post apocalyptic world and leaves you begging for more. My only criticism in this latest release is that she left us hanging and now I will have to wait to see what happens next!
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4

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