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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DESTINED TO PLAY - Bloome Review

Indigo Bloome
ISBN:  0-06-224347
October 2012

Erotic Romance

In DESTINED TO PLAY, psychologist Alexandra Blake travels away from her family to deliver a series of lectures; when she reconnects with old flame Jeremy Quinn, Alexandra spirals into an exploration of sexuality that surprises her.  Told in first person, the novel flashes between the present and the past, showing the reader the depths of Alexandra’s attraction to Jeremy.

I want to make it clear that I am a huge fan of the Erotic Romance genre, and the BDSM sub-genre in particular; check out my Goodreads page, and you’ll see I keep myself stocked in erotic romance!  With that said, I had a very difficult time getting through DESTINED TO PLAY.  I had some real problems with the text, from the adultry that the main character seemed to have planned before she ever left home to the BDSM-style elements that are in no way true to those who live in the lifestyle. The concepts of safe, sane, and consensual are thrown out the door with this book.  I also felt that while there was plenty of sex, there was a lack of romance; I think the author intended the romance between Alexandra and Jeremy to pick up from where it left off years ago, despite the fact that Alexandra is a married mother of two.  The scientific elements of the story did spark my interest, though they made the sex act a little more clinical than I prefer.  It also seemed that Alexandra resolved the problems in her marriage just a little too easily.  DESTINED TO PLAY is the first in a trilogy, so perhaps the next book addresses some of these issues.

Reviewed by Angela Etheridge
Rating: 2

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