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Thursday, October 02, 2008

A visit with Gennita Low and a free ebook

The last thing I had ever thought I'd end up writing was spy romance novels. My first attempt at a romance was in a genre I happen to love--a medieval. I knew I loved reading about warriors with big swords, knights out on a quest, who fell in love with some damsel/maiden in distress.

This was pre-Internet days, so I did a lot of my research by buying books and going to the library. When I finally started, I fell in love with the act of writing, sitting for hours happily scribbling the story long hand. I finished my masterpiece in a mere few months, without any idea about things such as first draft, revision, or that the big pile of typed papers was called a manuscript. I just wanted to tell the story.

It took me a while before I realized that, even though I read up everything I could about medieval life, there were a few things wrong with my masterpiece:

1) That book wasn't a historical; it was a his-te-rical. It was really, really bad.
2) My knights all spoke like Navy SEALs on horses
3) My heroine, who was a Viking slave girl, could wield a sword like a "berserker" because the bad guy, the Viking madman wanted her to berserk for some reason by practicing this mind-control thing on her
4) There was a final kungfu-like scene in which the hero/knight duels with the really bad-ass Huge Viking Bad Guy with my heroine in a berserker rage by his side against her lover.

Oh yes, this his-te-rical really exists and it's hidden in a safe place never to be discovered. At times I think of shredding it. Better still, burning it and spreading its ashes in different places so that no spirit on earth can bring it together again. I cringe at the memory of having allowed a few friends and literary agents read it. Those poor folks probably haven't ever recovered.

But you know what? I did discover something about my writing. I found out that I love writing action scenes, especially those involving bawdy men speaking like they were spec. ops. warriors, and that I enjoy showcasing heroines who are capable of taking care of themselves. I discovered that I like weaponry and their usage in warfare and defense systems. I didn't know it, but in those early years, I was, in my own mind, developing my own super-soldier-spy, a theme that is the basis of my current three-book Virtual series, the first one being VIRTUALLY HIS (http://www.eharlequin.com/).

After studying the craft and the writing business more, my first "serious" manuscript was called Big Bad Wolf. It was as much a surprise to me that I could write this spy romance novel because really, at that time, I never enjoyed spy books that much. They were okay, lots of bang-bang, and then more boom-boom. Then, I read Linda Howard's Diamond Bay. Oh. My. God. Something just clicked on in my head. I've found my favorite genre, that dark-souled hero with the darker-souled heroine. And I've never looked back.

Big Bad Wolf (link:http://www.gennita-low.com/GEMS/gems3/BBW1Authornote.rtf) *visit here to read the first chapter of this great story for free* is my first spy novel. It contained all the nuggets/seedlings to my COS commando and GEM verse/mythos. Besides winning several major competitions, it also finaled in RWA's Golden Heart, a contest for the unpublished, twice. Yes, I'm very proud of it ;-) because this manuscript was the beginning of my discovery of myself as a writer.

I hope that you enjoy the free ebook.(http://www.rooferauthor.blogspot.com/ visit here to get all the chapters of this great book for free) Please answer my question at the end of the book because it'll help me make a decision. I hope I gave readers a little insight into the growing evolution of a writer. For writers, I hope I gave you the encouragement to look for your strengths and to go with it in your work.

I also love to hear from readers, so please ask your questions here or email me at Jenn@Gennita-Low(dot)com (sorry, I hate trolling spambots too. Damn tech-spies ;-P).


If you'd like to read part of the beginning please visit here:
*Leave a comment to Jenn's post for your chance to win a signed copy of VIRTUALLY HIS!*


Mo said...

Hey! :) I get to be the first commenter. I just wanted to encourage everyone to check out Big Bad Wolf and to say that I am so glad you discovered your romantic intrigue.

WK said...

Welcome Jenn!!! I agree with Mo everyone should read BBW!!!

Mo what would we do without Jenn if she'd written something else? Can you imagine no Jed?



Mo said...

Actually, no. I can't imagine no Jed. He is a breath of fresh air. :)

Caralovable said...

I totally agree with you. Everyone should read BBW and know about Killian. He is the kind of man every woman wants to think of while reading a hot romance.

You know the other day I was thinking "what if I hadn't read VHis?" and I you know what the answer is?
Your life would be incomplete and there would be no purpose for living. LOL


Livia said...

Welcome Jenn,

Having read and enjoyed tremendously your covert ops series, I'm laughing at the fact that you felt the historical pull! Don't ever leave the spy genre you're too good at it!


ThiaMc said...
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ThiaMc said...

Jenn, I love your books. My favorite will always be Into Danger. All anyone has to say is Steve and Pearls in the same sentence and I am a goner! Thank you for your continued wonderful efforts! I look forward to BBW! I I am headed to check it out right now!

Anonymous said...

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