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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Well all, it is officially twenty nine days until election day and no matter what your party, Democrat or Republican, come November 4, 2008 it will be time for you to do your civic duty and VOTE. While this process occurs yearly in some areas it is the every four year election, where we choose our next President, senators and representatives that garners the most attention. So in taking a step back from all the campaigning, i.e, rallies, political debates and town hall meetings, I thought about the number of romances that I've read or that are available when the premise of the book relates to a political figure, be it the hero, heroine or a secondary character. The list is long and some have been out for quite a while.

Lets start with Evelyn Rogers' GOLDEN MAN published in 1999, the hero is the President of the United States and the heroine a lowly wage earner that stumbles into the wrong room at the absolutely right time. STATE SECRETS by Linda Lael Miller has a secondary character as the newly elected president, he is the cousin of the heroine, and it is her brother the secret service are after, so they put an agent on her. STATE SECRETS was re-released By MIRA in 1995. For those that are Merline Lovelace fans, PERFECT DOUBLE, part of the Code Name Danger series features the head of the OMEGA agency, sexy Adam Ridgeway and covert operative Maggie Sinclair who in PERFECT DOUBLE poses as the vice-president of the United States.

Among the fictional Silhouette Desire families are the Danforths. Their family dynasty was presented to readers in 2004 and one of the main heroes, Abe Danforth is a newly elected US senator. The romance of course is with his campaign manager, a very pregnant campaign manager who leaves before the scandalous secret is revealed and senator's private life becomes very public. Author Kathryn Shay also has a political romance in the offering, SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN, where the hero is Senator Clay Wainwright and the heroine is a community activist. Flip the coin and author Vicki Hinze gives us a female vice president named Sybil Stone that is the lead character in HER 2002 romantic suspense LADY LIBERTY.

These are only a few of a very long list of books that feature political themes under the romance genre. these also just happen to be my personal favorites, but I'm sure some of you out there have a few you can add, if so let's here from you.



Anonymous said...

Very informative post! I don't know if it is just this election or my fatigue of the government's antics in general, but I am avoiding political themed romance, unless set in a historical period.

Merline lovelace said...

Hi, Livia -

How timely of you to think of political romances -- and sweet of you to include Perfect Double in the list. I had such fun with that book. Like Maggie, the first thing I would ever do if I was president is double the number of ladies' rooms compared to men's rooms!

Not really, but that's more fun to think about than the mountainous challenges facing our candidates today.

Livia said...

Political novels certainly extend to historical times as well. I know there are some published that deal with the very early Dept of the Treasury and the Secret Service, a woman's right to vote, as well as politics in the old west. If you know the title of some of these let's hear what they are.


Charlene said...

Political romances,hmmm, I've only
read one that I can remember. It was "First Lady" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Not an historical, but SEP is one of my favorites.

WK said...

I can't really think of many that I've read. I read STATE SECRETS but generally I think I stick with military, firemen, and scotsmen.LOL

Great post Livia!!!!


Lori said...

Personally I could just chuck any book with political themes. Give me my paranormal anyday!!!