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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A Chase for Christmas by Candace Shaw

A Chase For Christmas
Chasing Love Series)
Candace Shaw
ISBN: 978-0373864782
November 2016

Ms. Shaw did a beautiful job bringing us a romantic story of two people, Blythe
Ventura and John “Prez” Preston Chase III, who both have baggage they need to
overcome before they can learn to trust and find love.

Preston is the creator of the famous “Dart and Drive” video game and is worth millions.
He is also handsome and women according to his sister, practically throw
themselves at him.

When Blythe shows up to her Paint, Sip, Chat Studio, Prez is next door visiting his
sister also Blythe’s best friend. Prez has been flirting with Blythe for over a
year and she doesn’t “bite” but is friendly towards him since he is after all
her best friends brother. Prez is having a event for children he visits at the
hospital and asks Blythe if she would be interested in painting with the
children at the event and she agrees. Will the flirting heat up between these
two or will they stay in the “friend” zone?

From the moment I read the first page I was hooked and the story held my attention until
the last page. This is a very sweet romance full of likeable characters, cute
dialogue and great chemistry between Prez and Blythe. I really like reading
books that after the last page has been read the characters stay with you as
they did for me with this story.

I highly recommend you buy and read this book as it is one I will read again.

Reviewed By : Linda Chavis
Rating: 4


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