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Tuesday, September 06, 2016


The Wedding Belles Volume 2

Lauren Layne

Pocket Books

ISBN# 9781501135156

September 2016

Contemporary Romance

As part of the wedding planners known as The Wedding Belles, Heather Fowler dreams of moving up from her position as assistant wedding planner to actual wedding planner. So when a high profile client specifically requests her work, she knows this is her chance. However, her noisy neighbor is determined to keep her from sleeping with his loud music. When she confronts him, she didn't expect him to be so aggravating or so sexy.

Josh Tanner has lived the fast life in New York City and now wants to take it slower to live the life he wants. His new life includes music, not a pesky neighbor who seems to be a workaholic intent on giving him lessons on patience. Yet there is something about Heather that gets to him. Finding her attractive is the easy part, letting her into his life is the hard part.

Heather finds that the more she gets to know Josh, the more she realizes she doesn't know everything about him. When she finds out that he used to date her high profile client, she wonders exactly who Josh really is and why he is intent on staying alone. With the client's hands-off approach of her own wedding, it's going to take everything Heather's got to make this work. What she isn't ready for is how fast she falls for Josh or how hard headed he is when it comes to keeping her away from his heart.

Heather and Josh are an opposites attract type couple who have instant chemistry and that really propels this romance. Her job as a wedding assistant/planner is the background and is used not only to give it balance, but aspects of it come into play for these two to interact. Josh left behind the rat race after a personal life changing event. Yet his character goes through even more changes as the story progressed with Heather. Fast paced with plenty of sexual tension and a supportive secondary cast, Layne has delivered a page turner filled with angst, passion and appropriate comedic relief. This was a delight to read!

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones

Rating: 4


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