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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Churn for the Worse by Laura Bradford

An Amish Mystery
Laura Bradford
ISBN: 978-0-425-27303-6
March 2016
In Heavenly, Pennsylvania, shop owner Claire Weatherly and Detective Jakob Fisher must work together to figure out a string of robberies and a murder in the Amish community. When an Amish farmer is found dead in his barn, his family believes it is God's will but Detective Fisher knows that the farmer did not hit himself in the head with the shovel found lying beside his body. And then a stranger appears at the farmer's home and money is now missing. Getting to the truth is difficult though because the Amish will not talk to the detective so Claire has to go with him to help.
A CHURN FOR THE WORSE is a good addition to the Amish Mystery series. Watching Claire and Jakob fall more in love, as well as Jakob's increasing contact with his Amish family makes the reader want to know what will happen next to bring them all together. Learning about the Amish way of life is interesting as well. Heavenly seems like a peaceful vacation spot and reading about it lets the reader forget their way of life for a bit. The plot flows nicely and the characters are well defined. A solid read for the series.

Reviewed by Kathy Fisher
Rating: 4

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