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Friday, February 19, 2016

Latest J.D. Robb is a solid read

In Death Series #42
J.D. Robb
Berkley Books
ISBN: 978-0-698-16148-1
February 2016

Dealing with murder is not an easy task, yet LT. Eve Dallas and the homicide division of the NYPSD makes it a priority every time they catch a case — regardless of the victim.

Eve’s latest case is not yet a murder but hits too close to home. When Dennis Mira is attacked and his cousin missing, Eve wastes no time in trying to figure out what happened. Needing to first clear Dennis of any wrongdoing, Eve questions him as she would we any other person of interest. As the investigation progresses, secrets are revealed and the body of Edward Mira is found. Shortly after Edward Mira’s body is found, another man goes missing, then his body is found; yet another man is missing and so begins the race to find him before its too late. Now — its murder.

Eve is having a tough time with the attack on Dennis Mira and at the same time appears to be her most vulnerable. Charlotte and Dennis Mira are more than family friends. Long-time readers of this series are aware of Eve’s progress toward acceptance of family and friends. This story give readers another glimpse at how she continues to easily accept all of the people in her life.

BROTHERHOOD IN DEATH delves into the dark world of a college brotherhood, a fraternity like organization, where unspeakable acts of depravity started and continued through the decades. Now, retribution is the motive and nothing short of death will do.

Another solid entry in the In Death series that is sure to keep readers turning the pages or swiping until the very last page.

Reviewed By Monica Solomon

Rating: 4

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