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Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Hot Book from Maya Banks!

A Slow Burn Novel
Maya Banks
ISBN:  978-0062312501
July 2014
Contemporary Romance

In this latest in the series about Devereaux Security we are given Zack and Grace’s story.  In high school Zack had been passionately in love with a young girl from “the wrong side of the tracks.”  While his father disapproved and Zack went off to college, Grace, who became essentially homeless, cleaned rooms in a motel and waited for the weekends when Zack could get home.  Then Grace disappeared.  Completely.

Zack tries desperately to move on with his life, moves on to play pro football until an injury ends his career.  He ends up working for Devereaux Security.  A solitary, private man, few know any of his life history.  No one knows about continuous search for any sign of Grace.

Then one evening the security detail goes to a new job, at an art gallery, and Zack glimpses a painting made of a place only he and Grace knew about.  Zack becomes out of control as he confronts the gallery owner and catches a glimpse of the artist, his beloved Grace.

The story unfolds from here, with a tragic story woven into the circumstances that have torn this young couple apart.  Zack must try and understand the forces that took Grace away from him, the betrayals of people from his past, and ultimately, try and win back the woman he has always loved.

This is the third book in this series and the characters from previous books make many appearances.  While it can certainly be read as a standalone, I think it was helpful to have read the previous novels.  This author brings these characters, and especially their emotional pain, completely alive and the book is compelling to read.  The romance is hot, hot, hot!

Reviewed by:  Jeri Neal
Rating:  4

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