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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book One in Lucy Monroe's new Alaskan series

Northern Fire Series Book One
Lucy Monroe
Hatchette Book Group
May 2015
Contemporary Romance

After an eight year absence, Kitty Grant returns home to Cailkirn, Alaska to recover from an abusive marriage and divorce. She's nursing some big issues with trust, but also guilt because she left behind her best friend, Tack MacKinnon, without a backward glance. Tack is surprised she's come back, after leaving him high and dry all those years ago, but he soon discovers why she's back home. As they struggle to get beneath the reasons for her departure and return, they soon realize that their attraction is ignited in a powerful way, and Tack decides to offer a, "friends with benefits" proposal.

Tack and his brother own a hiking tour company that relies on the tourist industry that comes in from the cruise ships. Kitty's obvious insecurities threaten their relationship, as well as Tack wanting to keep their relationship hidden. Kitty is resilient, but even the toughest cookies still have some insecurities and she doesn't know why he wants to always keep her in the dark. Tack has loved Kitty all these years and to finally be able to have her, he's a bit insecure as well. It's obvious they both care for each other, but will they both be able to trust the other and let go of the past? When Kitty's ex makes a last stand, will she be able to stand up for herself, or will he threaten everything she's tried to overcome?

The book has a lovely feel to it, with the Alaskan backdrop and the homeyness of the characters as they live and work together. The wonderful secondary characters lend this book a certain charm. Tack and Kitty are friends that both want more but are afraid to truly let go and trust each other all the way. It takes time to overcome and we get to watch these two work through their problems and face the future together. The chemistry between them is steamy and well written. As the first in the series, I look forward to the next one.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

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