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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Historical Romance: A CONVENIENT BRIDE

School for Brides #4
Cheryl Ann Smith
Berkley Sensation
ISBN 978-0-425-26065-4
January 2013
Historical Romance

Despite the fear of the highwayman stopping their coach, Lady Brenna Harrington realizes that the solution to her problem is right before her: to avoid an arranged marriage to an odious suitor, all Brenna has to do is get the highwayman to agree to compromise her!  Lord Richard Ellerby is definitely not a highwayman--he is searching all the coaches looking for his eloping sister, hoping to prevent her from ruin. Richard refuses Brenna's offer...then once home, he writes to her father, telling him of her dangerous exploit. Brenna's father says that she must marry within a month--but it can be a man of her choosing, the only stipulations: he must be wealthy, must not gamble, and must be kind...Brenna wants to marry for love, but a month will not give her enough time to fall in love...so why does she keep thinking of her highwayman and the chemistry they shared? When Brenna is sent to the School For Brides to learn about the life she's almost set upon, she meets up with Lord Ellerby once again. She sets her mind on having him, and must face the consequences of her actions, and fight for their love and happily ever after.

A CONVENIENT BRIDE is an enjoyable entry in The School for Brides series full of suspense and sensuality. The romance and courtship has surprising twists and turns as Brenna and Ellerby work out their Happily Ever After. Ms. Smith writes competently and presents a delicious hero in Lord Richard Ellerby. Though this is book four in the School For Brides series, it stands alone.

Reviewed by Debora Hosey
Rating: 4

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