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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Western Romance

Lori Austin
Signet Eclipse
ISBN# 978-0-451-23827-6
October 2012
Historical Romance

Alexi Romanov is a con artist and master of disguise, traveling around the country leaving men's wallets a little lighter and women's beds a little warmer, he has taught Cat O'Banyon everything she knows. Cathleen Chase went from a Georgia belle before the Civil War, to an infamous bounty hunter, with just as many diverse personalities as it takes to get her prey. Just one eludes her, however, and he's the one she's been after since he killed her beloved husband some time back. With another bounty hunter closing in on HER, she teams up with Alexi for protection, but their steamy and passionate affair has hidden threads. When Cat finally realizes there is something else worth fighting for, it just may be too late. She becomes the prey and the hunter has closed in on her.

For those that love historical western romances, this is one of the better ones that has come along in a long time. Gone are the cheesy cowboys, instead find yourself immersed in a story that has unorthodox characters filled with many different shades, facets and secrets. Alexi and Cat are two personalities that have been shaped by their past, which is slowly revealed over the course of the book. They have had a past together, filled with passion and harmonious lies. It was so rewarding to find a book that has intelligent, witty and no holds barred characters. This was such an intricate book, with layers upon layers of truth slowly being revealed about the two characters. It was hard to put down! The first of a new series by this very talented author - it's a definite don't miss!

Reviewed By Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4 1/2

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