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Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: RELENTLESS by P.J. O'Dwyer

Fallon Sisters trilogy
P.J. O'Dwyer
Black Siren Publishers
April 2012
Romantic Suspense

Still reeling from the “accidental” death of her husband, Bren Ryan is more than determined to prove he was murdered. Doing any and everything to convince the sheriff that Wes Connelly is a cold-blooded killer, Bren begins a treacherous game of cat and mouse. After her husband’s death, Bren’s finances nosedived and with two sons to care for, her father, and the mortgage on her horse farm, Grace Equine Sanctuary, Bren must sell a portion of her property for survival –she refuses to allow Wes to have a piece of Grace.

New to Washington County, Rafe Langston, is looking for answers. What he finds is a woman hell bent on bringing a killer to justice, which is likely to lead to her demise. He also quickly finds that Bren, her boys, and Grace maybe all the answers he needs, however Rafe is keeping a secret that could destroy them all.

Aptly titled, RELENTLESS will take readers on a rollercoaster ride and keep you guessing on several fronts. The main storyline is quite engaging, but the sub-plots are ones that will totally hook you. It is almost as if we (readers) are magnifying carrying sleuths, there is always more underneath the surface. Highly recommended and a fantastic read!

Reviewed by Monica Solomon
Rating 4 ½

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