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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Two January Historical Romances

BRAZEN by Margo Maguire

The second book in this "Sisters" series, this one features Lady Christina Fairhaven, who was orphaned at a young age. Now that her grandfather has hired someone to find her and bring her back, she can't go because she has to help her adopted brother. Captain Gavin Briggs, a war hero, is determined to get her to her grandfather to get his pay to help his sister and her child. As passion simmers between them, Gavin believes himself too unworthy of her. Christina doesn't think much better at first, but soon their love begins to blossom. Now that she is discovered, another wants Christina dead so she doesn't inherit from her grandfather, and Gavin risks everything to ensure her safety. With the element of intrigue, adventure, and romance, these two characters will win your heart in this sizzling story.

Maguire Avon Publishing ISBN 978-0-06-201841-0 January 2012 Historical Romance Rating: 3


Second in the series, in order to clear his name of murder and rape, Captain Sinjon Rutherford must go undercover as a footman to the "widow" Lady Evelyn Renshaw to discover what she knows about her husband's involvement in recent activities involving the French army. Despite the fact she hasn't seen or heard from her husband, being labeled as a traitor's wife has left Lady Evelyn virtually in seclusion. After being accosted in the early morning hours, she is saved from her attacker by a handsome man, who, much to her surprise, is now her footman. Her attraction to him is unbecoming of her station, but she can't stop her feelings for "Sam". As the danger draws ever closer, Evelyn begins to fall in love with Sin, who is not what she believed. Will the danger be too much for their to overcome, or will the truth finally set them apart forever? The drawn out passion, longing and mysterious elements create a "can't put down" book that will engage the senses!

Cornwall Avon Publishing ISBN 978-0-06-201894-6 Historical Romance Rating: 4

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones

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