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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Parade Guest Blogger: Dana Marton

Just yesterday, I was complaining to friends about not being able to find my Christmas spirit. I was telling them how since it's called a Christmas Break, I keep thinking I'll actually get a break, which could not be further from the truth. There's more shopping, cleaning, baking, wrapping, and visiting to be done than ever. I did get some great advice on what to do to get myself in the mood, ranging from egg nog, to committing random acts of kindness to watching Love, Actually. Okay, I'll give those a try. But, seriously? They'll take even more time! And my main problem was having too little time to start with.

Well, be careful what you wish for.

Yesterday evening my daughter and a friend were watching music videos on my computer and managed to download a virus that completely destroyed the computer to the point that it cannot even be turned on. My husband spent the whole night putting together a PC for me from spare parts. All I have today is Internet. (But all my research bookmarks gone.) I still don't know if my files with all my past and future books and all the family photos can be recovered. I don't even have Windows installed on this new unit yet.

But I found my holiday spirit. It came with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I'm grateful that I sent in my copy edits for my next book a few hours before the computer crashed. I'm grateful that I have a husband who stayed up all night so I can at least have email today. I'm grateful that, most likely, he'll be able to recover my files and I don't have to pay several thousand dollars for that someplace else. (He's a software engineer.) And I'm even grateful for the time I have today to go through my email and catch up with all those wonderful friends who've been waiting on a response from me through this last rush job with the next book then the edits. I'm writing everyone. Then I'm going downstairs and decorate the tree that has been standing there all week, waiting for me to find the time. Maybe all this will turn out to have been a blessing in disquise. Well, as long as hubby will get my files back. If not, you'll hear me screaming into the night, wherever you are :-)

Wishing you happy holidays,
Dana Marton


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geri said...

Hi Dana: We've emailed since I've reviewed your most recent book at TRRC. Funny you should mention computer crashes. Mine got a virus this am as I was trying to download stationary for a XMAS letter. Thanks goodness for my computer geek squad, retired guy, Bob, who fixes them with a program. I took it this am and it is back this evening. It is hard to be without a computer for even a few hours in this day and age.

I loved your comments about what makes you grateful. It's the little things that matter so much, such as my husband picking up that computer on his way home from work so I didn't have to go out!!Anyway, have a wonderful holiday and thanks for such terrific books! geri

Anonymous said...

Hi Geri!!! Thank you again for the great review! I wrapped presents this afternoon so I'm one step closer to being ready. I'm using department store flyers :-)instead of wrapping paper this year. Also we cut back on the Christmas lights outside the house. Trying to go green.
I'm glad your PC is on the mend. I can't live without mine. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Moni said...


I do not believe you are the only one trying to find the holiday spirit. I too struggled this year and found it after a wonderful dinner with girlfriends. Reality set when two of the girls had on tiaras that read Happy Holidays! They were so cute that I wore one all night and went out to purchase more for myself and my staff at work. So, this week we all strutted around our office wearing these tiaras.

Interesting where we find inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Moni, the tiaras sound wonderful. Must be really cute! I'll have to look for them.

Merry Christmas

Lori said...

Gosh, sounds like the devil is gnawing on your leg! I am so glad you did find your Christmas spirit and I hope you will continue to enjoy the Christmas season and get just what you want from Santa!