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Saturday, January 17, 2009

GUEST BLOGGER Beverly Jenkins

I should probably introduce myself. My name is Beverly Jenkins. My first published novel, Night Song was an historical published by Avon in 1994 and I’ve been an Avon writer ever since. I have 22 titles under my belt and have written not only historicals but romantic suspense and Young Adult as well. Bring on the Blessings due out at the end of the month is my women’s fiction debut. The engine of the story is wealthy middle aged woman named Bernadine Brown. She catches her husband cheating, and when she wins a multi – million dollar divorce settlement she buys a tiny town in northwest Kansas called Henry Adams. One of the reasons for her purchase is to preserve the town’s history. Henry Adams is one of the last surviving all Black townships founded in Kansas after the Civil War. Another reason is to provide a home for a group of foster kids needing a shot at a normal life.

The town of Henry Adams is familiar to my readers because I’ve used this town before as the setting for two of my historicals; Night Song and Something Like Love. Both stories take place in the 1880s. Night Song features a feisty schoolteacher named Cara Lee Henson who falls in love with drop dead gorgeous, Buffalo Soldier Sgt. Chase Jefferson. Something Like Love is about town mayor Olivia Sterling and the love she finds in the arms of an outlaw named Neil July, eldest brother of the train robbing, bank robbing July family. (Baby sister Teresa July, also an outlaw has her own book – Wild Sweet Love. )

In Bring on the Blessings we look in on 21st century Henry Adams and the descendants of the Jeffersons and Julys. The story has many arcs: romance, suspense, humor, hope, and the foster kids provide their own YA arc. Bernadine and her millions bring many blessings to the near destitute town. For me, weaving all the story lines together into a cohesive whole was hard work but it was great fun and being able to spread my writing wings a bit made it even more special.
Historicals continue to be my first love and Avon will publish Captured my pirate tale in the fall. In the meantime, I hope you’ll pick up Bring on the Blessings, on sale everywhere January 27th , and then give some thought to what you would do if you were suddenly given Bernadine’s millions. Thanks for having me. B


Elissa said...

Hi Ms. Jenkins,

So happy to have you here! As you know, I LOVE your books and I am looking forward to Bring On The Blessings. Is it harder for you to write contemporaries when you have a preference for historicals? Also, will you be doing a possible YA follow up with any of the YA characters from Bring On The Blessings? My nieces would be so excited. They loved Josephine!

In answer to your question, if I were to win millions, after I tithed and took care of my family, it's ironic but I'd open up a home for foster sibling groups. It's always been a dream of mine. No more families divided.

Thanks for posting and I'll be heading to B&N on January 27th!

Thia said...

Ooh, I think I am hooked based on this preview alone! What a woman! Iam sure all the compilation of the stories was just as fun as it was challenging.

If I had millions, I would adopt a passle of kids to live with me and my family on our huge ranch. Then, I would make part of said ranch into a dog and cat rescue.

Thanks for joining us.

Victoria Wells said...

Great post Ms. Bev! I can't wait to read Bring On The Blessings!


Glo said...

Hello Ms. Jenkins,

Thank you for the insightful peek into you book. I have marked the date, to be sure, I pick up a copy.

If I were to win millions, After taking care of family, I would want to help those who need it, foster kids, the elderly, set up scholarship funds for kids to go to college.

Thank you again!

LaSonde said...

I can't wait for this book to come out because i love all the books i have read of Mrs. Beverly

Anonymous said...

Hi Beverly,
You know how much I love you and your books and I can't wait to read Bring on the Blessing.

I know this is going to be a wonderful book because that is all you write. Take care and be Bless.


Ms. B said...

Hey ladies. Thanks for having me. Blessings is a truly great read. Can't wait for your comments. B

Ms. B said...

in response to the YA comments. As of now there are no plans for more YAs, however teens can read Blessings. There's no elements that will prevent them from enjoying the book as well. B

NancyT said...

Hi Ms B,
I have been a fan of yours for many years now and truly LOVE all of your books. Last week I was finishing up re-reading Through the Storm and the week before it was Night Song, Ms. B your wonderful books had me staring at the clock at 4:30am and even then I had to make myself put it down(lol). You are a truly wonderful writer and I can't wait to read Bring On The Blessings. Take care and God Bless.
Oh, If I came into millions, first I would get me a plane ticket to Washington, D.C. to see my new President Obama being sworn in (live) and after I put enough back for my daughter's college fund, I would help my family, friends, church, and my community because so many are having a tough time now. Sorry this was so long. Take care! NancyT

'Cilla said...

Ms. Bev...
You I am a FAN... BOB was WONDERFUL. I can't wait to see what happens to the kids as they get older...

Bana said...

Hi, Ms. B! This is Savannah! I can't wait to read all you have in store for us this year!

If I had millions, I'd pay off my debts, help my sis get through school, set up a scholarship fund, and a grant for aspiring authors. I'd like someone else's journey to be easier than mine!



Lori said...

Welcome Ms. Jenkins!
Bring On The Blessings sounds like a great story-I look forward to reading it.

Ms. B said...

Thanks again for the great responses. Avon allowed me to stretch my wings a bit by doing Blessings and I'm truly grateful for their support. The support of the readers is big for me as well. Thanks much you all! B

Moni said...

Ms. Jenkins,

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of storytelling with readers. I look forward to picking up a copy of Bring on the Blessings, next week. A historical pirate tale, that is definitely being added to my ever growing book list.