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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Truth meets fiction?

Over at the TRRC yahoogroup, (just visit www.theromancereadersconnection.com and click the link to join or go to, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TRRC ) Anyway over there we got to talking about meeting spouses. And one poster has a story that would make an awesome romance book someday. It got me to wondering, just how many romance stories are based at least in some small part, on fact? How many authors take stories of themselves or someone they know finding love and fictionalize it? Most aren't listed as "based on fact" or "a true story of love". It's all cast as fiction, but is it not possible to be truth? Is that part of what makes us love these stories so very much? The fact that somewhere someone could meet and fall in love in just this way? Or find a love once lost?

Do you know of any stories that are based at least in part, on a true story? Do you know any authors who have taken their own stories of love and wrote them into a fictional tale?


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