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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel byJennifer McQuiston

The Seduction Diaries Book 3
Jennifer McQuiston
Avon Books
ISBN# 978-0-06-233514-2
October 2016
Historical Romance

In her Seduction Diaries series, McQuiston pens the tale of a bookish spinster and a well-renowned ladies man. An accidental meeting between Miss Mary Channing and Geoffrey Westmore leads the two not only to be caught in a compromising position, but they also overhear an assassination plot. No one believes their tale of the plot (they think the couple are only trying to make up a story to take the spotlight off of them), so West decides to try and uncover the plot himself. To make matters worse, West's sister, Clare, informs him that he has to come up to scratch because Miss Channing is the Earl of Haversham's sister.

West does try to do the right thing, but Mary doesn't want to marry West because of his reputation. Now West is a bit taken aback because why would she refuse him? Then, Mary informs him that they must work together to seek out the conspirators to try and save whomever is on the hit list. West and Mary forge an unlikely alliance of sorts to get to the bottom of the plot. As time goes on, the attraction between them sizzles, and Mary realizes West isn't quite as bad as she believed. West and Mary insinuate themselves into the high society circles to try and determine the source. However, getting in the midst of some powerful people bent on assassination only means that they would have no qualms about taking out a bookish spinster.

A mix of intrigue, suspense and romance, this quick paced romp in 1858 England hits all the right notes. Even though this reads more like a detective story, the character building is equal to that of the action. West and Mary discover that there is more to someone that what is on the outside (or rumors). They slowly find their way around to understanding each other even as they discover who is behind the plot. The romance is slowly built and the scenes between them are realistic and hot. Mary's pregnant sister, as well as West's sister and best friend, Grant, make great secondary characters that also provide some comic relief. For readers of the first two books, while characters tie together, it is not necessary to read the first two to enjoy this one.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4.5

A Chase for Christmas by Candace Shaw

A Chase For Christmas
Chasing Love Series)
Candace Shaw
ISBN: 978-0373864782
November 2016

Ms. Shaw did a beautiful job bringing us a romantic story of two people, Blythe
Ventura and John “Prez” Preston Chase III, who both have baggage they need to
overcome before they can learn to trust and find love.

Preston is the creator of the famous “Dart and Drive” video game and is worth millions.
He is also handsome and women according to his sister, practically throw
themselves at him.

When Blythe shows up to her Paint, Sip, Chat Studio, Prez is next door visiting his
sister also Blythe’s best friend. Prez has been flirting with Blythe for over a
year and she doesn’t “bite” but is friendly towards him since he is after all
her best friends brother. Prez is having a event for children he visits at the
hospital and asks Blythe if she would be interested in painting with the
children at the event and she agrees. Will the flirting heat up between these
two or will they stay in the “friend” zone?

From the moment I read the first page I was hooked and the story held my attention until
the last page. This is a very sweet romance full of likeable characters, cute
dialogue and great chemistry between Prez and Blythe. I really like reading
books that after the last page has been read the characters stay with you as
they did for me with this story.

I highly recommend you buy and read this book as it is one I will read again.

Reviewed By : Linda Chavis
Rating: 4

Monday, November 07, 2016

Layne's Third Wedding Belles book is worth the wait!


The Wedding Belles Volume 3

Lauren Layne

Pocket Books

ISBN# 9781501135170

November 2016

Contemporary Romance

Book Three in the Wedding Belles is the final installment and focuses on the original owner, Alexis Morgan and her silent partner/accountant, Logan Harris. Alexis has had a dream of owing her own wedding planning business, so she makes it to New York City to start it. She meets Logan in a bar, who offers her a deal - he will fund her business for half ownership. At first, she says no, but after a week, she takes him up on his offer. Fast forward eight years with her business going strong, the only thing left is maybe her inactive love life.

Logan has been in love with Alexis since he first saw her, but she's been oblivious. He's waited patiently, putting off his father's request that he return home to England so that he can run the family business, in the hopes that someday, she will give him a chance. Once he decides to put all his cards on the table, it will be up to her. The problem that Alexis has is that Logan is her friend, her rock and stability and she doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship over it. However, she may wait too long to realize that what he means to her is more than a business friendship. Is she willing to risk it all to find love, or will she let him walk away forever?

My second favorite of this series, I devoured it in practically one sitting. Something about unrequited love, willing to wait forever for the other person to wake up, makes my heart melt, especially when it's a seriously sexy British guy who just won't give up. Alexis is a bit of a work-a-holic, thinking that the only thing she needs is her work. Yet with her two friends getting their love lives in order makes her wonder about hers. She's just not willing to risk losing Logan as a friend. Logan, on the other hand, is just about tired of waiting. There are sparks between them and enough sizzle in there to keep it moving along. I enjoyed this series very much and this was a great ending all around!

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4 1/2

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


The Wedding Belles Volume 2

Lauren Layne

Pocket Books

ISBN# 9781501135156

September 2016

Contemporary Romance

As part of the wedding planners known as The Wedding Belles, Heather Fowler dreams of moving up from her position as assistant wedding planner to actual wedding planner. So when a high profile client specifically requests her work, she knows this is her chance. However, her noisy neighbor is determined to keep her from sleeping with his loud music. When she confronts him, she didn't expect him to be so aggravating or so sexy.

Josh Tanner has lived the fast life in New York City and now wants to take it slower to live the life he wants. His new life includes music, not a pesky neighbor who seems to be a workaholic intent on giving him lessons on patience. Yet there is something about Heather that gets to him. Finding her attractive is the easy part, letting her into his life is the hard part.

Heather finds that the more she gets to know Josh, the more she realizes she doesn't know everything about him. When she finds out that he used to date her high profile client, she wonders exactly who Josh really is and why he is intent on staying alone. With the client's hands-off approach of her own wedding, it's going to take everything Heather's got to make this work. What she isn't ready for is how fast she falls for Josh or how hard headed he is when it comes to keeping her away from his heart.

Heather and Josh are an opposites attract type couple who have instant chemistry and that really propels this romance. Her job as a wedding assistant/planner is the background and is used not only to give it balance, but aspects of it come into play for these two to interact. Josh left behind the rat race after a personal life changing event. Yet his character goes through even more changes as the story progressed with Heather. Fast paced with plenty of sexual tension and a supportive secondary cast, Layne has delivered a page turner filled with angst, passion and appropriate comedic relief. This was a delight to read!

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones

Rating: 4


The Wedding Belles Volume 1

Lauren Layne

Pocket Books

ISBN# 9781501135132

August 2016

Contemporary Romance

The first book in this series (there was a prequel but I'm not counting that one here), starts with one of the Wedding Belles wedding planners, Brooke Baldwin. Recently coming from California to New York City, she left behind her almost wedding and a con-man who she thought she knew well enough to marry. Still reeling from that, Brooke is hired by the Wedding Belles because she is one of the most talented wedding planners in the country. Her first assignment is Maya Tyler, a hotel heiress who has an overbearing brother, Seth, who is footing the bill. Instant attraction aside, Brooke cannot fathom why Seth is so arrogant and rigid, as well as determined to find out if Maya's sudden engagement means the would-be groom is up to no good. Brooke feels something for Seth as their time together becomes more intense, but is she ready to trust again this soon? And even if she does, is she willing to trust him with her heart?

Seth Tyler tries to steer clear of Brooke, but he finds himself making her schedule times with him to discuss Maya's fiancé and the (hopefully not) wedding plans. He wants to believe in the guy, but his gut instincts have never let him down yet. And his gut instincts are also telling him that Brooke wants him as much as he wants her. Yet when he finally thinks they are on the same page, she bolts. Working around schedules, appointments and trying to figure out where his best friend fits in all this, Seth is about as un-organized as he's ever been. Will his last decision cost him more than he's prepared to lose?

This was the first book but I read it last. I have to say this was my favorite of the three. Talk about heat, sizzling sex and yummy alpha male hero! Seth was definitely used to getting what he wanted and as a result, he comes across as arrogant and stiff. Enter Brooke, who doesn't take any crap from him and he doesn't know what to do with that. Maya is a sweet, somewhat naïve girl, but she comes into her own during this time. We meet the other two Belles, and while they aren't dominant in the book, it's enough to give a background for the next two. I seriously liked this one a lot!

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4.5